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San Francisco -- The Spring of 1999 marked the end of the successful 14-year run of GNOSIS Magazine. GNOSIS concluded with #51, its ground-breaking issue on "the Grail," including a controversial exposé of the Priory of Zion hoax, years before the popularity of Daniel Brown's best-seller "The Da Vinci Code."

GNOSIS has been the only newsstand publication devoted to the esoteric and mystical traditions of the West to achieve international circulation in recent decades. Its publisher, the Lumen Foundation, has kept the GNOSIS website online and is continuing to keep back issues available. Full sets of GNOSIS (51 issues) constitute an authoratative and encyclopedic overview of the Western esoteric traditions.(the list of back issues).

GNOSIS published its first issue in the Fall of 1985, on "Gnosticism: Ancient & Modern." It initially followed a twice-yearly schedule, expanding to quarterly with issue #5. Its final issue was #51 (Spring 1999) on "The Grail."

Back issues of GNOSIS are still available. Complete sets (issues #1-51) are $385 (U.S.) plus shipping. For descriptions of back issues, see the list of back issues, which includes links to the tables of contents for each issue, and our searchable online index. --Jay Kinney

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