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Gnosis #1 (Fall-Winter '85-'86) Gnosticism: Ancient & Modern
Includes the Mysterious Revelations of Philip K. Dick, an interview with Gnostic scholar Gilles Quispel, and David Fideler and Stephan Hoeller on the Gnostic myths, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #2 (Spring-Summer '86) Magic & Tradition
Includes "Magic & Religion: Hidden Partners?," magical autobiographies, an interview about magic and healing with Diane di Prima, and Joscelyn Godwin on Hermetic academia, more.

Gnosis #3 (Fall-Winter '86-'87) Kabbalah
Includes an overview of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism, interview with Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Stan Tenan's higher geometry of Genesis, a reader's guide to Kabbalah, more.

Gnosis #4 (Spring-Summer '87) Heresies and Heretics
Includes June Singer on Jung's gnosticism and contemporary gnosis, the legend of the Cathars, an interview with J. Gordon Melton, and a new Islamic heresy, more.

Gnosis #5 (Fall '87) Oracles & Channeling
Includes recognizing inner teachers, pitfalls of A Course in Miracles, interview with medium Ann Toth, the Oracle of Apollo, Philip K. Dick short story, Jewish oracles, the Chaldean Oracles, the Enochian Calls, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #6 (Winter '87-'88) Secret Societies
Includes Robert Anton Wilson on the Priory of Sion, an interview with a Great Druid, Christopher McIntosh on the Rosicrucians, R.A. Gilbert on Freemasonry, plus Invocation of the Black Sun, more.Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #7 (Spring '88) Esoteric Spirituality
Includes a critical look at Rene Guenon and Traditionalism, the "Work" of the Sufis, esoteric teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Schwaller de Lubicz, Ibn 'Arabi, and Murat Yagan interview, more.Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #8 (Summer '88) Alchemy
Includes an interview with working alchemist Art Kunkin, Robert Anton Wilson on sexual alchemy, Stephan Hoeller on Jung and alchemy, David Fideler on the Rose Garden of the Philosophers, more.Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #9 (Fall '88) Northern Mysteries
Includes Edred Thorsson on Runes and Woden, Celtic spirituality, John and Caitlin Matthews on the Grail, a look at writings about occult influences on the Third Reich, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #10 (Winter '88-'89) Jung & the Unconscious
Includes an interview with June Singer, Stephan Hoeller on Jung and the occult, Dennis Stillings on "Invasion of the Archetypes," Robert Anton Wilson on synchronicity, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #11 (Spring '89) Ritual
Includes "Why Ritual Works" according to Hawaiian Huna, an interview with Colin Wilson, whirling dervishes, wilderness rites of passage, Stephan Hoeller on the Mass, the esoteric significance of baseball, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #12 (Summer '89) Sects & Schisms
Includes a look at the current Satanism scare, articles on Scientology, Rosicrucians, wandering bishops, and the amazing story of the Moorish Science Temple, more.

Gnosis #13 (Fall '89) The Goddess
Includes modern Goddess worship, Michael Grosso on visions of Mary, Caitlin Matthews on Sophia, Dawn Kolokithas on the Muse, the Black Goddess, "Goddess in the Metropolis," more.

Gnosis #14 (Winter '89-'90) The Dark Side
Includes examinations of Julius Evola's uneasy mix of Fascism and the esoteric, Peter Lamborn Wilson on the Yezidis of Iran, critiques of Foucault's Pendulum, "Darkness on the Path," and an interview with kahunas, more.

Gnosis #15 (Spring '90) Ancient Civilizations
Includes Peter Balan on the Maya, interviews with Bika Reed and John Michell, articles on Catal Huyuk, the Kushite kingdom of Meroe, the Delphic Oracle, and the spirit of Egypt, more.

Gnosis #16 (Summer '90) Orthodoxy
Includes John Garvey on Eastern Orthodoxy and esotericism, interviews with Orthodox abbot Father Herman, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and Roger Garaudy, and a look at the Russian mystic Soloviev, more.

Gnosis #17 (Fall '90) Sex & Spirituality
Includes the path of Aphrodite, the history of sex magick, coitus reservatus and mystical sex, an Islamic perspective on sexuality and marriage, and the relevance of Wilhelm Reich, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #18 (Winter '91) The Middle Ages
Includes looks at medieval mystics Meister Eckhart, Raymond Lully, and Abraham Abulafia, Tarot origins, the esoteric twelfth century, and Ezra Pound's research into the Cathars and troubadours, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #19 (Spring '91) The Trickster
Includes the Fool and the Jester, West Africa's trickster god Eshu, Dr. Gene Scott profile, Khezr the "green man," Paul Krassner, and eight pages of Illuminati satire, more.

Gnosis #20 (Summer '91) Gurdjieff & the Fourth Way
Includes "The Fourth Way and Inner Transformation," an interview with Jacob Needleman, Kathleen Speeth, Fourth Way cosmology, the Work today, Gurdjieff and Kabbalah, and possible sources of Gurdjieff's teaching, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #21 (Fall '91) Holy War
Includes articles on the Crusades, the Islamic concept of jihad, an interview with Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Hildegard of Bingen, Orthodox Christianity on internal warfare,"No Peaceful Warriors!" and more.

Gnosis #22 (Winter '92) Dreams
Includes Sufi teachings about dreams, shared dreaming, Fred Alan Wolf on dreams and quantum physics, a Celtic view of dreams, the ethics of dreamwork, and profile of Karlfried Graf von Durckheim, more.

Gnosis #23 (Spring '92) Gnosticism Revisited
Includes Stephan Hoeller on definitions of Gnosticism, a view of ancient Gnostics and sacramental sex, Gnosticism and social action, Peter Lamborn Wilson on spiritual anarchy in colonial America, Kathleen Raine interview, more.

Gnosis #24 (Summer '92) Saints & Scoundrels
Includes interview with David Steindl-Rast on saints and the contemplative life, the Hell-Fire Club, Cagliostro, Aleister Crowley, Tsar Nicholas, the cranky saints of Ireland, more.

Gnosis #25 (Fall '92) Groups & Communities
Includes critique of Robert Bly, history of the Black Muslims, the Brethren of the Common Life, Kabir Helminski on Sufi groups, symposium on the Spirituality of the Future, more.

Gnosis #26 (Winter '93) Psychedelics & the Path
Includes interview with Ram Dass, psychedelic trips by Jean-Paul Sartre and Adele Davis, Roger Walsh on "Mysticism: Contemplative and Chemical," Bruce Eisner on Ecstasy, more.

Gnosis #27 (Spring '93) Sacred Art & Music
Includes cathedral symbolism, "Orpheus and the Mysteries of Harmony," healing sound and color, Rudolf Steiner's Eurythmy, Orthodox icons, the art of tattoos, more. Available as high quality photocopy reprint.

Gnosis #28 (Summer '93) One God or Many?
Includes Charles Tart interview, Mme. Blavatsky's Mahatmas, the gods of the African diaspora, the meaning of tree myths, and Gnosticism vs. conservative Christianity, more.

Gnosis #29 (Fall '93) The Body
Includes the subtle bodies, interview with Michael Murphy, Self Observation, Moshe Feldenkrais, ancient Egyptian view of embodiment, a pagan defense of hunting, more.

Gnosis #30 (Winter '94) Sufism
Includes history of Sufism in North America, Sufism and psychology, readers' guide, women and Sufism, Murat Yagan on the Source of Sufism, Sufi poetry, and interview with Refik Algan, more.

Gnosis #31 (Spring '94) Russia and Eastern Europe
Includes underground spiritual schools now surfacing in Russia, a look at the Bogomil Gnostics of Bulgaria, a history of Russian esotericism, Slavic shamans, more.

Gnosis #32 (Summer '94) Pop Culture & the Esoteric
Includes looks at creators of comics, SF, and rock music who have esoteric intentions, interview with Helen Palmer, examination of the occult in romance novels, more.

Gnosis #33 (Fall '94) The Earth
Includes power spots, interview with Sterling Bunnell, shamanism in Ecuador, Peter Lamborn Wilson on "Chaos, Eros, Earth, and Old Night," Steiner's cosmology, geomancy, more.

Gnosis #34 (Winter '95) Healing
Includes interview with Barbara Brennan, the art of psychic healing, animal totems, reflexology, Richard Grossinger's critique of holistic healing, and Thomas Keating's Centering Prayer, more.

Gnosis #35 (Spring '95) The Spirituality of America
Includes interview with Karen Armstrong, the New England Transcendentalists, the surprising occult roots of Joseph Smith, Alison Hawthorne Deming on the Puritans, Quetzalcoatl, more.

Gnosis #36 (Summer '95) The Inner Planes
Includes interview with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Siobhan Houston on Chaos Magic, Murat Yagan's Kebzeh teachings, John Dee, Emanuel Swedenborg, Kabbalah, more.

Gnosis #37 (Fall '95) Tenth Anniversary Issue
Includes interviews with Huston Smith and Seyyed Hossein Nasr, contemplative prayer, the Stoics, the Lovecraft Mythos, and a symposium on the present state of Esotericism, more.

Gnosis #38 (Winter '96) The Stars
Includes interview with Graham Hancock, Is Astrology True?, critique of ET channeling, interview with Robert Powell on Sophia, Star-gods of Neoplatonism, C.C. Zain, Robert Hand on Ancient Astrology, more.

Gnosis #39 (Spring '96) East Meets West
Includes Guru lowdown, Advaita and Western Seekers, interviews with the Big Kahuna and Tarthang Tulku, Quakers and Buddhists, Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Pagan Dharma, Peter Lamborn Wilson on pilgrimages, more.

Gnosis #40 (Summer '96) Hermeticism
Includes Alchemy, Hermes, Renaissance Hermeticism, interview with a French alchemist, Swordsmanship as Western martial art, the Enochian Apocalypse, new Emerald Tablet translation, and secret Knights of Malta manuscript, more.

Gnosis #41 (Fall '96) The Cosmic Joke
Includes J. Gordon Melton on Ramtha, an interview with Claudio Naranjo, The Wizard of Oz, as allegory for the soul's way home, the PR problems of Christianity today, Agnosis parody, more.

Gnosis #42 (Winter '97) Death & The Afterlife
Includes Castaneda's Don Juan, the case against reincarnation, Edgar Cayce's afterlife visions, mystical bonds beyond death, more.

Gnosis #43 (Spring '97) Love, Sacred & Profane
Includes interviews with John Welwood and Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi, the War Against Love, S&M's spiritual implications, Walt Whitman, Jacob Needleman, Golden Dawn Sex Magick.

Gnosis #44 (Summer '97) Freemasonry
Includes the initiatic symbolism of Masonry, Masonry vs. Catholicism, Arturo Reghini, was George Washington a Satanist?, an interview with Christopher Knight, a bibliography of Masonry.

Gnosis #45 (Fall '97) Esoteric Christianity
Includes Father Origen of Alexandria, Jacob Boehme, an interview with Nicholas Whitehead, Celtic Christianity, the Penitent Brothers of New Mexico.

Gnosis #46 (Winter '98) Divination
Includes Mary Greer on new oracles, Tarot origins, astrology, the I Ching, Geomancy, Gurdjieff on Inner Animals and an interview with Liza Wiemer.

Gnosis #47 (Spring '98) Prayer & Meditation
Includes Larry Dossey and E.J. Gold interviews, solar worship, Sardello on the soul in prayer.

Gnosis #48 (Summer '98) Witchcraft & Paganism
Includes Chas Clifton on the nature of Paganism, Starhawk and Carol Christ interview, the surprising (and recent) origin of Wicca, the Goddess movement, an exposé of some recent "Celtic spirituality" books, more.

Gnosis #49 (Fall '98) The New Age
Includes D. Patrick Miller on the media's view of alternative spirituality, José and Lloydine Argüelles interview, Bob Banner on leaving a spiritual community, Carole Brooks Platt on inner voices, Robin Robertson on active imagination, more.

Gnosis #50 (Winter '99) Good & Evil
Includes an interview with Robert Anton Wilson, Stephan A. Hoeller on the Gnostic view of evil, Jack Boulware on Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan, a Satanic perspective on doing good, sex abuse by spiritual teachers, more.

Gnosis #51 (Spring '99) The Grail
Includes interview with R.J. Stewart, John Matthews on Healing the Wounded King, Ean Begg on Jung and the Grail, the Priory of Sion Hoax, and much more.

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