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#23: Gnosticism Revisited

Next Issue "Whatever the virtues of Gnosticism, this journal has always resisted being identified as a rallying point for a specifically gnostic movement. This in part because, as our name indicates, our allegiance is to gnosis itself - not to a latter-day 'Gnosticism' derived primarily from second-century sources."
- Jay Kinney, from the introduction
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Spring 1992
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Alternative Realities
Textual Cruxes
A column by Stephan A. Hoeller

Skeptic's Corner
Gimme a Break, Sheldrake
A column by Ted Schultz

Introduction: Shadowboxing with God
by Jay Kinney
What does Gnosticism have to do with gnosis?

Attack of the Archons
by James B. DeKorne
If the archons are the enemy, they may be us.

What Is a Gnostic?
by Stephan A. Hoeller
Suggestions for pinning down this slippery term.

The Seed of Light
by Chas S. Clifton
Did the ancient Gnostics practice sacramental sex?

Gnosticism and Social Action
by Charles Upton
How does a Gnostic change the world?

Tongues of Fire, Gifts of Noise
by Erik Davis
No, information isn't knowledge. But it can be some help along the way.

Imagination and the Sacred: An Interview with Kathleen Raine
by Jay Kinney
The noted poet and scholar discusses art and spirituality in today's world.

Caliban's Masque: Spiritual Anarchy and the Wild Man in Colonial America
by Peter Lamborn Wilson
Had American history gone differently, we might have ended up with a religion of the Wild Man.

Book Reviews
  • A History of Gnosticism by Giovanni Filoramo, translated by Anthony Alcock
  • The Beginnings of Christianity: Essene Mystery, Gnostic Revelation, and the Christian Vision by Andrew Welburn
  • Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom: The Divine Feminine from Black Goddess to World Soul by Caitlin Matthews
  • The Mystery of the Seven Vowels in Theory and Practice by Joscelyn Godwin
  • Angels and Aliens: UFOs and the Mythic Imagination by Keith Thompson
  • In Pursuit of VALIS: Selections from the Exegesis by Philip K. Dick, edited by Lawrence Sutin, with introduction by Jay Kinney and afterword by Terence McKenna
  • Money and the Meaning of Life by Jacob Needleman
  • PIHKAL: A Chemical Love Story by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin
  • Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath by Carlo Ginzburg
  • The Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant
  • Company of Prophets: African American Psychics, Healers, and Visionaries by Joyce Elaine Noll
  • Meditating as a Christian: Waiting upon God by Peter Toon
  • Twelve-Tribe Nations and the Science of Enchanting the Landscape by John Michell and Christine Rhone
  • Happiness without Death: Desert Hymns by Assad Ali, translated by Camille Adams Helminski, Kabir Helminski, and Ibrahim Al-Shihabi
  • Words of Power: Sacred Sounds of East and West by Brian and Esther Crowley

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