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#26: Psychedelics & the Path

Next Issue "I see psychedelics as a catalyst and a door opener; I don't see them as a full path."
-Ram Dass, from The GNOSIS Interview with Ram Dass
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Winter 1993
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Skeptic's Corner
Rain Forest Rant
A column by Ted Schultz

Alternative Realities
Viewing Drugs Rationally
A column by Stephan A. Hoeller

Introduction: The Fires of Artifice
by Richard Smoley
Do psychedelics really tell you the truth about yourself?

Mysticism: Contemplative and Chemical
by Roger Walsh
How "artificial" experiences compare with the ecstasies of contemplatives.

Drugs and the Path
Truth, illusions, and punctured auras - a variety of spiritual teachers give their views.

Using Drugs Wisely
by Myron J. Stolaroff
A veteran researcher suggests how to get the best out of psychedelic experience.

Psychedelics: A First-Amendment Right
by a Psychedelicist
Should mind-changing drugs be protected by the Constitution?

Two Classic Trips
by Thomas Riedlinger
Adelle Davis loved it, but it was a bummer for Jean-Paul Sartre.

The GNOSIS Interview with Ram Dass
by Jay Kinney and Richard Smoley
A lively discussion about LSD, spirituality, the '60s, and gurus.

The Sobriety That Surpasses Intoxication
by Kabir Helminski
Does traditional spirituality offer something better than drugs?

Ecstasy Revisited
by Bruce Eisner
What the rave scene and cutting-edge psychology have in common.

Gracie's Visible Language
by Gracie & Zarkov
Why language may be "the most alien artifact we have."

Gerald Heard: Soul Guide to the Beyond Within
by John V. Cody
A glimpse of the visionary who turned on the California elite years before Timothy Leary.

Book Reviews
  • Brother Twelve by John Oliphant, foreword by Colin Wilson
  • Thrice Greatest Hermes: Studies in Hellenistic Theosophy and Gnosis by G.R.S. Mead
  • Plotinus: The Enneads: A New, Unabridged, and Definitive Edition of the Classic Translation by Stephen MacKenna
  • Egypt: Moulids, Saints, Sufis by Nicholass H. Biegman
  • The Dervish Lodge: Architecture, Art, and Sufism in Ottoman Turkey edited by Raymond Lifchez
  • Islamic Spirituality II: Manifestations edited by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review edited by Hershel Shanks
  • The Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe by Valerie I.J. Flint
  • Living Presence: A Sufi Way to Mindfulness and the Essential Self by Kabir Edmund Helminski
  • The Essential Writings of Frithjof Schuon edited by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • Invitation to Love: The Way of Christian Contemplation by Thomas Keating
  • The Enlightened Heart: An Anthology of Sacred Poetry edited by Stephen Mitchell
  • The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton, read by Sidney Lanier
  • The Boy Who Made Dragonfly: A Zuni Myth as told by Tony Hillerman, read by Debra Winger
  • The Golden Key: A Fairy Tale by George Macdonald, read by Michael Zebulon
  • The Mystic Quest: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism by David S. Ariel
  • When Nietzsche Wept: A Novel of Obsession by Irvin D. Yalom
  • Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore
  • Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing, and Hallucinogenic Powers by Richard Evans Schultes and Albert Hofmann
  • The San Francisco Oracle Facsimile Edition edited by Allen Cohen

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