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#28: One God or Many?

Next Issue "Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have all deprecated polytheism as intrinsically inferior - primitive, crude, lost. But much of the profundity of Paganism lies in its deep appreciation for the complexity and richness of life, its embrace of the world that surrounds us, that indeed is us."
- Frank Donnola, from Reconciling One and Many
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Summer 1993
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Alternative Realities
The Return of the Magus
A column by Stephan A. Hoeller

Introduction: Split Personalities
by Jay Kinney
Some say there's one, others say there are many. So what's all the fuss about?

Reconciling One and Many
by Frank Donnola
No matter what they claim, most religions include versions of both monotheism and polytheism.

A Natural Wealth
by Nisi Shawl
The traditions of the African diaspora boast a vibrant pantheon and a deep sense of connection to the physical world.

Imaginary Mahatmas
by Paul Johnson
Who were H.P. Blavatsky's Masters really?

One Path or Many? The GNOSIS Interview with Charles Tart
by Richard Smoley and Jay Kinney
The noted psychologist talks about psi research, psychedelics, and integrating different spiritual teachings on a personal path.

No Other Gods?
by Peter Stenshoel
A Gnostic Christian looks at the evangelical critique of "Neo-Paganism."

Working Polytheism
by Sam Webster
On working with many gods for personal and transpersonal ends.

The God of Abraham
by Stan Tenen
Does higher mathematics give reason to posit one God?

Man as God and Creator
by Richard Smoley
Each of us may be the "God" of a world created by our own thoughts and intentions.

Why Knock on Wood?
by Ken Textor
How tree myths are connected to the uses people have found for wood.

Book Reviews
  • Surrealism and the Occult: Shamanism, Magic, Alchemy, and the Birth of an Artistic Movement by Nadia Choucha
  • The Reenchantment of Art by Suzi Gablik
  • Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light by Leonard Shlain
  • Modern Esoteric Spirituality edited by Antoine Faivre and Jacob Needleman, Karen Voss, associate editor
  • Witchcraft Today, Book One: The Modern Craft Movement edited by Chas S. Clifton
  • We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy - and the World's Getting Worse by James Hillman and Michael Ventura
  • Child Spirit: Chidren's Experiences of God in School by Samuel Silverstein
  • How Like an Angel Came I Down: Conversations with Children on the Gospels by A. Bronson Alcott, edited by Alice O. Howell
  • Visions of Innocence: Spiritual and Inspirational Experiences of Childhood by Edward Hoffman
  • The Rose Cross and the Age of Reason by Christopher McIntosh
  • Covenant of the Heart: Meditations of a Christian Hermeticist of the Mysteries of a Tradition by Valentin Tomberg
  • Inner Development by Valentin Tomberg
  • Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake, edited by Morton D. Paley
  • Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion by William Blake, edited by Morton D. Paley
  • True Hallucinations by Terence McKenna
  • God, Harlem U.S.A.: The Father Divine Story by Jill Watts
  • Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism, and Nazi Survival by Joscelyn Godwin

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