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#33: The Earth

Next Issue "Science and religion are still fighting their tired old battles for control of the world - a cheap wrestling match which has long since ceased to interest any but the most deeply hypnotized marks."
- Peter Lamborn Wilson, from Chaos, Eros, Earth, and Old Night
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Fall 1994
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News & Notes
Including Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos) speaks in N.Y.C., False Memory Syndrome, Enneagram Conference Report,

Introduction: Heaven, Earth, and Us
by Richard Smoley
An attempt to sort meaning from noise in today's ecological discourse.

Earth and Spirit
by Igor Kungurtsev and Olga Luchakova
How different places on earth affect emotions, moods, and spiritual practice.

The Fate of the Earth According to Rudolf Steiner
by Gary Lachman
Is the earth just a waystation for us on our way to Jupiter?

Geomancy: A New Form for the Making of Cities
by Gail Thomas
What today's city planners ought to be thinking about.

Nature and the Numinous: The GNOSIS Interview with Sterling Bunnell
by Jay Kinney and Richard Smoley
A "shaikh of nature" discusses biology, spirituality, and the planet's future.

Snakes and Ladders
by Erik Davis
How can we reconcile the urge for transcendence with life on the physical plane?

Earth, Shamanism, and the Catholic Church
by John Perkins
How the Church has given shelter to native traditions in South America.

Chaos, Eros, Earth, and Old Night
by Peter Lamborn Wilson
Can the Hermetic myth of the living earth help revivify modern culture?

Sacred Earth, Sacred Earthling
by Arthur Waskow
What Judaism has to say about improving relations with our home planet.

Animals in the Muslim World
by Denys Johnson-Davies
A capsule summary of Islamic teachings about kindness toward animals.

The Meaning of Ecstasy
by Richard Squires
A glimpse of ecstasy in its original sense: as out-of-body experience.

Book Reviews
  • Gnosis: An Esoteric Tradition of Mystical Visions and Unions by Dan Merkur
  • Blasphemy: Verbal Offense against the Sacred from Mose to Salman Rushdie by Leonard W. Levy
  • Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa, edited by Donald Tyson
  • The Good Wine: Reading John from the Center by Bruno Barnhart
  • Millennium Prophecies: Predictions for the Year 2000 by A. T. Mann
  • A History of God by Karen Armstrong
  • The Esoteric Emerson by Richard Geldard
  • American Transcendentalism and Asian Religions by Arthur Versluis
  • Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens
  • Mystical Diets: Paranormal, Spiritual, and Occult Nutrition Practices by Jack Raso
  • Nourishing Wisdom: A Mind-Body Approach to Nutrition and Well-Being by by Marc David
  • The Making of a Spiritual Movement: The Untold Story of Paul Twitchell and Eckankarby David Christopher Lane
  • Women in Praise of the Sacred: 43 Centuries of Spiritual Poetry by Women by Jane Hirshfield
  • The Transcendental Universe by C. G. Harrison

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