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#39: East Meets West

Next Issue "Ultimately there is no world, no people, and no other beings as such; One Infinite Being dances in the guise of all these figures."
- Ati Akarta, from Nonduality and Western Seekers
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Spring 1996
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News & Notes
Including a quest for a lost mystical land, Jewish mysticism & UFOS, and a CD-ROM and Tarot decks by GNOSIS contributors.

Introduction: The Real and the Unreal
by Richard Smoley
East and West differ not only on what's important, but on what's real.

Nonduality and Western Seekers
by Ati Akarta (Igor Kungurtsev)
How has the Hindu tradition of Advaita Vedanta fared in the West?

Eastern Lingo for Westerners
by Richard Smoley
A brief glossary of some common terms in Eastern spirituality.

Face to Face: Confronting the Guru-Disciple Relationship
by Ihla F. Nation
Do you need to study with a guru? If so, how can you avoid being victimized?

The Big Kahuna: An Interview with Papa Auwae
by Tom DeMoss
The head kahuna of Hawaii talks about spirits, healing, and his path.

The Caravan of Summer
by Peter Lamborn Wilson
Does the Sufi way of pilgrimage offer an alternative to the vulgarity of tourism?

Time, Space, Knowledge: An Interview with Tarthang Tulku
The renowned Tibetan lama discusses how to open up ordinary experience.

Friends of Friends
by Rhoda R. Gilman
Quakers have been teaching Buddhists about social action and learning meditation in return.

Pagan Dharma
by Sam Webster
If you mix Pagan practices with Buddhist compassion, what do you get? The Tibetans found out long ago.

Art, Love, and Tradition: The Wisdom of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
by Paul Hurley
Early in this century, this influential thinker helped restore Western esteem for India.

Book Reviews
  • Towards a Meaningful Life: The Wisdom of the Rebbe Meachem Mendel Schneerson, adapted by Simon Jacobson
  • Jewish View of the Afterlife by Simcha Paull Raphael
  • Fundamental Symbols: The Universal Language of Sacred Science by Rene Guenon
  • The Teachings of Kebzeh: Essentials of Sufism from the Caucasus Mountains by Murat Yagan
  • The Great Year: Astrology, Millenarianism, and History in the Western Tradition by Nicholas Campion
  • Never Again the Burning Times: Paganism Revived by Loretta Orion
  • Living Witchcraft: A Contemporary American Coven by Allen Scarboro
  • Struggle of the Magicians: Why Uspenskii Left Gurdjieff by William Patrick Patterson
  • In Search of the Birth of Jesus: The Real Journey of the Magi by Paul William Roberts
  • The Theosophical Enlightenment by Joscelyn Godwin
  • The Masters of Wisdom by J.G. Bennett

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