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#44: Freemasonry

Next Issue "Psychologically, the procedure
preparing one for Masonic affiliation
corresponds with the ego's first
glimmerings of a higher destiny."
-Thomas D. Worrel, from
The Initiatic Symbolism of Freemasonry
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Summer 1997
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by Jay Kinney
Up Front


News & Notes
An encounter with a patriarch; a New Age conspiracy theory; reflections on American Sufism and the 1997 Sufism Symposium.

Introduction: Masonic Civilization
by Richard Smoley
If you have any feelings about religious toleration, representative government, or scientific inquiry, then Freemasonry is of interest to you.

The Initiatic Symbolism of Freemasonry
by Thomas D. Worrel
How the rites of Masonry provide more light upon the spiritual path.

The Temple and the Scrolls: The GNOSIS Interview with Christopher Knight
by Richard Smoley
A provocative discussion about ancient Egypt, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Templars, and much more with the coauthor of The Hiram Keys.

Sources of the Fraternal Spirit
by Dale E. Boudreau
How Masonry helped produce America's rich heritage of fraternal lodges.

Good Masons, Bad Masons
by David Greason
Which addresses the awkward question: was George Washington a Satanist?

The Pope and the Pornographer
by Brian Riggs
How the longstanding rivalry between Masonry and Catholicism came to a head with the antics of a publisher of smutty books.

A Modern Pythagorean
by Dana Lloyd Thomas
Italian esotericist and Freemason Arturo Reghini claimed to trace his spiritual roots back to Pythagoras.

Readings in the Old Lodge Library
by Timothy O'Neill
A concise guide to the best reading about Masonry.

Book Reviews
  • Eros, Magic, and the Murder of Professor Culianu by Ted Anton
  • A Wicked Pack of Cards: Origins of the Occult Tarot by Ronald Decker, Thierry Depaulis, and Michael Dummett
  • Archetypes and Strange Attractors: The Chaotic World of Symbols by John R. Van Eenwyk
  • Israel and Humanity by Elijah Benamozegh
  • Turning to Torah: The Emerging Noachide Movement by Kimberly E. Hanke
  • A Pilgrim in Aquarius by David Spangler
  • The Complete Story of the Course by D. Patrick Miller
  • Behind the Crystal Ball: Magic, Science, and the Occult from Antiquity through the New Age by Anthony Aveni
  • The Good Heart: A Buddhist Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus by the Dalai Lama
  • Feet of Clay: A Study of Gurus by Anthony Storr
  • Omens of Millennium: The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams, and Resurrection by Harold Bloom
  • A Mapmaker's Dream: The Meditations of Fra Mauro, Cartographer to the Court of Venice by James Cowan
  • Sacred Origins of Profound Things: The Stories Behind the Rites and Rituals of the World's Religions by Charles Panati
  • American Druidism: A Guide to American Druid Groups by Daniel Hansen

About our cover:
The Building of Twelve Churches by Count de Roussillon and His Wife, French manuscript, 1448, reproduced by permission of the Osterreichische NationalBibliothek.

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